Nude Nicotine Updates

shanah tovah

Shana Tova!

L’Shana tova everyone! The majority of us at the Nude Nicotine laboratory will be observing the Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur holidays September 24th-26th and October 3rd-4th, respectively. Please excuse a slight delay in processing your order if placed during these two short periods. Most of us are fortunate to live close enough to family […]

Featured Tip/Trick

cryo freezer

Storing Your Nicotine Solution

We’ll admit, nicotine ‘aint cheap. Next to your flavoring compounds, nicotine solution is likely the most expensive component of your DIY mixing. Why let it go to waste? While the shelf-life of your solution may vary depending on a multitude of factors (to be explained in a few), there are 3 variables you can help […]