Nude Nicotine Updates


2 New Flavors + Flavor Concentrate Price Drop!

We just released two new flavors into the Nude Nicotine flavor concentrate & eLiquid lineup: Tamarin…D’Oh! (eLiquid) (flavor concentrate) & Make Me Plum¬†(eLiquid) (flavor concentrate) To celebrate, and as a “w00t” for offering 31 flavors, we applied a permanent,¬†significant price reduction on all flavor concentrates! 60mL (2oz) & 120mL (4oz) sizes have been added to […]

Featured Tip/Trick

What Ingredients Characterize an eLiquid?

As a general rule eliquids contain four main ingredients, but as we delve deeper into this section, we will make sure to cover each variation: 1. Nicotine: Of course this is the active ingredient in our eliquid.